About Us

Founded by Ali Samed Güneş in May 2019, the members of Lonca Organization met at numerous academic conferences some of which executed by Ali Samed Güneş himself. Since then the family-like network grew bigger and bigger. And finally solidify under the of Lonca Organization. 

The ultimate goal of Lonca Organization is to analyze the problems of this complex, globalizing world and come up with creative solutions and subsequently realizing them in an international scope.

With our vibrant members who creates a multi-national, diverse and dynamic atmosphere; as Lonca Organization we’re proud to say that we’ve been successful in converting this dynamism into creative momentum. Therefore, it can be said that Lonca Organization is an entrepreneurship/development company which supports the creative ideas of the future.  

Our Mission

Our company, which consists of young entrepreneurs who have adopted the mentality of a developing world, aims to maintain its presence within the scope of coordination, planning and team spirit.

The main objective of the company is to look out for young and promising projects and bring them to life collectively  as a team.

Our mission aims to support entrepreneurial individuals especially in their process of manifesting their ideas. Lonca Organization is there to help its members in every step of the road; starting, thinking, planning, developing and punctuating in the best way possible in order to succeed.

As an essential part of our mission, it’s our intention to instill the spirit of innovation and development into the society; as well as encouraging individuals to impove themselfs along with the society that they’re in therefore creating a positive vision that will eventually contribute to the development of the society as a whole.

The Lonca Company accepts the world as a whole and embraces the  differences as beauty.

Our Vision

Our vision is to come up with ideas and projects that will lead young entrepreneurs who adopt the idea of ​​”Always forward” to develop and exist.

 The word ”Lonca” refers to the professional organization based on the principle of honesty. During the Middle ages, Ottoman era specifically, the lonca organization played a major role and greatly contributed to the economy of the time. The prestige of the name ”Lonca” makes up the cornerstone of this company.

The necesarry components that contributes to this company to live up to its name are quality, quality and quality. And its members who internalized this motto.

Our company, which wants to be present in international markets, sets the notion ”dominating and advancing in every field that that Lonca Organization has ever entered” as its vision.

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