Frequently Asked Questions

1How can we find the house that is suitable for our criteria?
Your estate journey will start right after you fill the request form. Within 24 hours after you fill a request form, a S-Home representative will contact you regarding to your form. For more detailed info visit the ‘’How Does It Work’’ section in
2Do I have to pay an extra fee for S-Home?
No extra fee is required for S-Home.
3Who can I contact in case of technical issues?
S-Home WhatsApp and Call center will be available to you 24/7. You may contact us via these platforms, and we’ll solve your problem as quick as we can.
4Are there any pre-conditions required when I rent a house via S-Home?
No pre-conditions are required other than you being an university student.
5Why should I prefer S-Home?
S-Home offers you a lot of opportunities and deals. You can find detailed info at our ‘’deals and opportunities’’ section.
6Do I have to update my membership annually? Does my membership stay up to date in the duration of my stay?
Your membership status changes automatically depending on your decision to quit the house that you’re currently in. You may cancel your membership if you wish to do so.
7Do you help us procure furniture or household appliances?
We’re contracted with various companies for household appliances and furniture. We’ve designed 3 furniture packages that will serve to your desires. The package that you’ve chosen will we delivered to your apartment within 10 weekdays. You may check out our furniture packages in the respective section.
8Can we add or remove items from furniture packages?
Depending on the size of the apartment that you’ve rented, you may chance the size of the items. For example: you may prefer a 4-door wardrobe over a 3-door one.
9How does the process of finding a housemate work?
You’ll be asked to fill another form similar to the one that you’ve filled for finding a house. Subsequently, a meeting between you and your possible housemates will be arranged by our team.
10Do I get to use S-Home even if I graduate or have additional semesters?
Your membership continues throughout the duration of your university education.