Let S-Home find you a house that you will enjoy

The carefully-tailored S-Home will not only find you your dream house but also offer you a world of new opportunities and advantages.


Find Your
Dream House

The S-Home team is here to find the best possible options for your dream house in accordance to your criteria and demands. The only thing left is for you to choose!

a Package

After you find your house, S-Home team is again right there to help you out on creating your dream house. You may choose one of three furniture packages that is suitable for you and your needs.

the Platform

As a part of our big plan, we offer you a chance to take part in multiple occasions where you can socialize such as; being a part of the WhatsApp group created exclusively for S-Home members, participating and receiving benefits in parties and other social events organized specifically for S-home users.


Now that your house is ready, let’s go downtown! While you enjoy your life in the city, S-Home has got your back by offering you countless discounts and benefits on contracted venues. Your S-home!


Our Press Presence


S-Home is a support and solidarity platform for university students.

As Lonca Organization team, we are delighted to present our Student's Home project as an ecosystem, which we launched as of 2020. Our wish is to strengthen the solidarity between young people by providing services catering to the needs and demands. We aim to provide the most accurate solutions via using our experience in the field.


Deals in Furniture Packages
Discounts and Benefits in Contracted Venues
Providing Professional Services
Adoption of Pets

Academic and Social Events
Joining the Platform and Positioning of Housemates
Discounted Transportation and Modification Services
Invoice and Subscription transactions

Let Us Find Your Housemate

Sometimes it can be harder to find you a suitable housemate rather than a house. As the S-Home team we’re aware of that situation and we are looking forward to introducing you to your housemate which we hope you’ll get along and have a great time with.

The ‘’Housemate Form’’ that we prepared for S-Home members is designed to find you the most suitable/compatible housemate. After the introduction which will be arranged by S-Home, with both of your and your housemate’s approval the process will continue.

As S-Home our greatest purpose is that to make sure that you live happily and safely in your new apartment. We hope to see those days together, enjoy your new house!


What about the furniture? Check out our furniture packages.

With S-Home, along with finding your house, you can furnish it as well! S-home presents you the Economic, Standard and Premium furniture packages which will precisely satisfy the needs of your house with great deals and campaigns. From a TV to a bed frame, it’s all in one package! With S-Home the only thing you have to do is choose what you like!

See All Packages

S-Home is not only in your house, it’s also in your pocket!

Meet our smallest yet biggest-hearted member; S-Card.

S-Card puts a large variety of benefits under one roof exclusively for S-Home members. S-Card allows you to get discounts and special offers at restaurants, stores and festivals. Which ultimately help you live a pocket-friendly student life. A period where you can feel the privileges in every moment awaits you.

Welcome to the world of advantages with S-Home Card.


Touch the stars with SH-Event!

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the SH-Event launch days guaranteed to make you have a great time, the specially organized concept parties where you can socialize and the academic conferences which will be an unforgettable experience for you. We hope that these activities will make your life more colorful, so we suggest that you buckle up and get ready for the unlimited fun you’re about to have!

Don’t forget, with the privileges of being an S-Home member, you’ll be the shining star of the parties!

How Does It Work?


Filling out a Request Form

You can fill out a Request Form on the website/homepage.

The sharing of the required info

The pictures/information of the house which has met the requirements will be sent via WhatsApp and email within 24 hours.

The Presentation of the Apartment

You will see/tour the apartment which has met your criteria with a S-Home representative. If it’s favorable to you, the process will continue

The Rental Contract

The annual (one-year) rental contract that you and the landlord/landlady will sign

Subscription Transactions

The process of getting a subscription electricity, water and gas invoices/bills.

The selection of the furniture package

You can check out any package that would meet the needs of your house. The package then will be delivered within 2 weekdays.

Giving the S-Card to the members of the platform

After all the previous steps are completed, you’ll become a a member of S-Home; in that way you’ll be free to benefit from the services that S-Home has to offer.

Adding the new member to the S-Home WhatsApp group

You may be notified with the recent updates and novel advantages, as well as making new friends.

SH-Event Applications

Our academic and social events will take place throughout the year. Along with our concept parties, out Harvard approved certificate will be open for registrations throughout the season.

Let S-Home find you a house that you will enjoy

The carefully-tailored S-Home will not only find you your dream house but also offer you a world of new opportunities and advantages.