Opportunities & Deals


Cleanup Packages

If you want to come up to a freshly cleansed house after a long day, S-Home has created 3 different cleanup packages; the weekly cleanup package, monthly cleanup package and seasonal cleanup package. Pick the cleanup package that you leave and leave the rest to us. It’ll all be better when your house smells nice!

Deals in Furniture Packages

Now with S-Home, decorating your house is affordable! Here, you can find modern, durable and stylish furniture for really affordable prices.


Invoice Subscription

Bills, Bills, Bills; while you’re enjoying your life in the city, let S-Home take care of all the invoice subscription processes.

Discounted Venues

You can enjoy the best venues in your neighborhood for much more reasonable prices. Multiple discounts and deals are waiting for you! The S-Card has your back when you want to go out and have fun.


Discounted Transportation and Modification Services

We’re aware of the problems you might encounter while you’re looking for a good electrician, plumber, painter, etc.Well, it’s not a problem anymore with S-Home. All the service you need will be provided to you for cheaper/discounted by the contracted firms. It’s a text away!

Your best buddy after S-Home

Some of our furry friends needs homes too. S-Home arranges adoptions so that you can have a new housemate and they can have a place to call home.


We’re offering you a chance to be the shine your star at the parties!

Not only finding your dream house, S-Home offers you great opportunities where you can socialize and have fun throughout your student life. Just don’t forget to follow the events calendar so you don’t miss out on the greatest events that are prepared specifically for you.

It’s all a step away

The only thing you have to do to join the S-Home platform and find a new housemate, is to fill a form. You’ll be notified within a few weeks after you sign the form. Fill out the form according to your criteria so we can find you a house and a housemate. S-Home is going to be great this year!