Points to Pay Attention while Renting a House

  • The interior and the exterior of the building should be examined in regard to the long- durability concerns in long-term usage
  • If possible, the annual increase rate of the rent should be specified in the contract. Otherwise, you might experience a number of problems concerning the increase rate.
  • The pay-day date of the rent should be determined according to the tenant.
  • All bills/notes should be looked into and examined for reliability. Students should definitely get help from real estate consultants who will make the process easier and more reliable.
  • The rental contract must contain information that will protect the rights of both parties. 
  • Making the rental contract through real estate consultants ensures the establishment of tenant and landlord/landlady relations without any problems in long-term periods.
  • The tenant students must be sensitive and pay attention to both the general usage of the house and the pre-existing furniture. Mutual respect, sensitivity and precautions; it’s possible to establish tenant-landlord/landlady relations.
  • The issue of raising the rental price and its parameters such as the conditions and the intervals should be defined carefully.
  • Details such as the apartment (flat/house), neighborhood, street, and the type of rented property must be included. 
  • The ID number and addresses of both the tenant and landlord/landlady must be included in the rental contract clearly and accurately.
  • Try to find out whether the house you will rent has earthquake resistance, are there any previous damages or not, have necessary tests been carried out. 
  • If you are making a deposit deal, write down under what conditions and terms the deposit deal has been made. And under what conditions it can be taken back. This issue is very important because it is where most problems come from. 

All the points mentioned-above will be taken into consideration by S-Home and we will offer you homes in most suitable conditions.